Good Weekend…

First off, I had one of the most enjoyable times in EQ2 that I can remember. I have read multiple posts and heard many complaints that talk about the community in EQ2 being unsociable. Specifically regarding pick-up groups. Complaints state they spend sometimes up to an hour hanging out shouting and asking for a group only to log off when they cannot find one. Now I have become a little leery of pick-up groups due to ineptitude, but that is an entirely different topic. My opinion…I havent even really tapped into guild resources and am having a hard time NOT finding a group. There are always people shouting out “starting this quest or starting that quest”. The community is there and it is strong in my opinion. I do mentor down, I do not receive as much EXP as would if I was just “grinding” yet, when I complete those quests I am trying to close out, the EXP from the finished quests helps quite a bit. My advice to everyone is be patient, and do not be afraid to ask. This weekend someone was broadcasting needing help in finishing their carpet quest. I sent them a tell, explaining that I was only just beginning the quest, and asking where they were at in the quest line. I was sent a group invite and we walked all the way through the quest again from the beginning. We had a little bit of trouble at the final step when we needed to defeat the Djinn, yet we pulled it together, found a new healer and tank and pulled it out. It was fantastic. Good time had by all.
On another note, I maybe behind the power curve, but I finally gained my Capt. rank on Halo 3. It was a bit of a battle getting there.
Hooyah me!


~ by krymoor on February 20, 2008.

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