What a difference a card makes

I have been playing any game on the PC for about the past year and a half on a laptop.  Needless to say alot of the games I would have to turn the settings way down, if I was even able to play the game at all.  This past saturday I was blessed enough to be able to purchase a new computer, and I was able to come to full terms with being a graphics junkie.  Being able to turn my graphics up and enjoy the visuals has been an absolute joy.  I was playing EQ2 all weekend long.  I never realized how detailed the designers made the armor and weapons.  Not to mention actual spell effects are fun to witness as well.  Yes I died once or twice die and even got stuck behind some vases in an instanced dungeon while eyes were feasting on all the graphics goodness.

Now I am not going to go rush out and buy Crysis, or better known as the system killer to some, but it has been nice to actually see what others are complaining about.  I suggest to all those who do not enjoy an MMO to turn your graphics down, roll through a week or two viewing armor on ogres as a large blobbish crustaceous shells like we used to wrap our GI Joes in playdo back in the day.  O.k. so I was an imaginative child, and often my GI Joes were ruined.  After a little time of having to trudge through the game as such, go back to having your graphics turned on, you will have a new joy in the game.


~ by krymoor on February 25, 2008.

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