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So, Ive been playing alot of EQ2 again. I am back in the game in a big way. When I played the last time, I was almost consumed with leveling, always getting onto the next biggest thing, and it drove me crazy. It drove me to the point that I did not enjoy the game. I am taking the time to smell the roses this time. I have been doing alot of resource gathering, in preparation to improve my tradeskills. I have found during these times that if you just sit and listen to the chat channels, there WILL be a group that becomes available to group with. Mentoring has been a boon for me, and I dont understand why it is I never really used it before, especially with the numerous amounts of quests that I presently have in my journal. I was fortunate enough to complete two HQs this weekend, actually using one of them as a weapon, and explored some of the Fay lands. I even ran across a tank and his 2 twinks that were actually really good. This guy was 3 boxin, his tank, a healer and a chanty, never did he slack on his tanking duties.

I decided to try out the demo to Crysis as well this weekend. It was good. Nothing that just reached up and grabbed me. It was another shooter, and I cant say that it was breath-taking for me, because I was forced to turn the settings all the way down to Low in order to have a decent gameplay. I had heard everyone complaining about it, and thinking to myself how many times had I played a game with the setting down just to play the game i.e. Simcity. The game was very good looking even in Low, yet there was nothing there that reached out and grabbed me by gamer soul to make me sit in the seat in front of the computer to continue to play.


~ by krymoor on March 3, 2008.

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