Well I finally did it.

I purchased a second account for EQ2 this past weekend.  My main toon is not even up to max level yet, as I have been mentoring alot since coming back into the game. This was originally due to the desire to ease back into the game without causing too much havoc on an unsuspecting group while doing so.  It then progressed into mentoring to finish up the plethora of quests that plague my quest book at the moment.  Now I have an entirely different reason to mentor all together.

It is an interesting combination that I have made.  My 54 Assassin who is my main, and now 20th level Coercer.  I made the coercer entirely for the DPS boost, to complement my Assassin. Yet I can already forsee that these 2 together will not be able to go very far without a group as they get on in levels.  Already at 20 with the assassin mentored down she is starting to feel the pain of having to tank.  Time for the Coercer to step up get some good charmed pets and through them into the mix.  The only problem I have found with that, is the inablilty to use buffs on the charmed pet.  Im sure there will be a later spell that allows me to completely control the pet, yet until that time, I foresee some hard fought battles ahead for the Troll and Sarnak duo.

On the lighter side of gaming, I have been playing alot more Legends of Norrath, and even purchased my first set of cards.  I have not taken the game into the competitive arena as of yet, only sticking to the supplied scenarios that are provided.  It is a very solid game.  Reminiscent of days gone playing Magic the gathering with friends, yet with a slightly lighter feel to it.   Magic the gathering relied alot on how your deck worked together overall.  If you had a quick magic direct damage deck, then you would not stack it with alot of creatures, or vice versa. Here even a rather loosely related deck can come out on top, and even the dynamics of building a deck to play with require you to use cohesion of deck types to help you out that Magic the Gathering did not have.  I always wanted to incorporate too many cards when building a Magic deck, and even then felt as if I may be missing cards. Not so with LoN. I will have to take it to other players and report back on how that experience plays out.

I downloaded and played the Sins of a Solar Empire this past weekend as well.  Did not play it for very long, so probably did not give it a very fair chance to impress.  From the beginning of playing Dawn of War, or even Dark Avatar I was drawn in from the beginning.  This game did not draw me in.  Usually if there is a demo that I really appreciate I will play that demo all the way through and go back trying different avenues or techniques that I did not try the first time.  Graphically it was very good looking, and the ability to scroll out to see the larger picture was very smooth, but like most games that utilize this option, I would probably find myself scrolled out to the “low rez” bigger picture in order to facilitate large scale fleets and battles.  I did this in Dark Avatar as well as Supreme Commander.  Almost as if it would just be better to forget the high graphics.


~ by krymoor on March 25, 2008.

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