Something coming out of LOTRO sounds really good

It has been an idea I have been trying to flesh out in my head, and it looks as if LOTRO has the beginnings of a very interesting new system to put in place with their newest “Book”.  I have always wanted to quit questing or hunting for weapons.  In fiction, characters often times have one weapon that they grow with, they will evolve and learn to shape the weapon to their character.  They do not constantly set out on adventures looking for a more uber hammer of smiting.  I understand that half of the appeal of many MMO’s today is the lewt grind.  Looking for the next best thing, having that brand new shiney that noone else yet has, or will make you a better representative of your class. So make the weapons base, either by crafters, or a lower lvl dungeon that you have done a crawl through.  Yet allow us to carry an item through from our 5th lvl to our 80th lvl.  We could set out on our next adventure to unlock new potential in our weapons, or to find augmentations to upgrade said item.  I would love to have a weapon that I have named, that I pulled from the bowls of some fiery pit, that me and my hardy adventurous comrades spent a momentous evening overcoming obstacles to reach.  I have always hated when I worked so hard for an item, only to have to through it away in about 10-20 lvls.  Could even make it like the old EQ system of AA where you either channeled experience into your adventuring experience or into your AA.  This would be a great way of adding to the experience of building a unique character, as well as a way to not have to pump “high-end” content into the game, or at least not as much.


~ by krymoor on March 27, 2008.

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