As you can tell by my recent posts

I am in full MMO swing. I had taken a good long break recently from any MMO’s, with good reason I must admit. My wife was feeling neglected because of them, I do have to say that it was consuming me, not completely, but it was probably a very needed break from online life. I have come back to the game with a new found respect for the little things. I am taking the time to stop and smell the roses now, or rather, poke around in alot of the content I passed up because I was too busy grinding away to gain those must have levels.

My assassin Glebdra, is taking a vacation, where ever it is that Trolls take vacations too, I imagine somewhere very humid with lots of bugs and heavy with the stench of decay. Perhaps her life adventuring with they “fairer” folk of the land has given her a new perspective on life, and she is living it up on the shores of the Enchanted Lands drinking a tumpy tonic, or perhaps whatever was left over from the Brells day festivities. I digress. I started 2 new characters, well one new character and revived an old friend who was wandering around the city of Qeynos aimlessly. It is a good combination, not an all together challenging combination, like the Coercer/Assassin I had created last weekend, yet it has its moments due to my mystic not having the full healing power of a Templar and the lil tank not having the HP or gear to really tank. I have to admit though they are ALOT of fun. The action is non-stop, and with the spirit companion thrown into the mix, they are a force to reckoned with. Well at least until they come upon a group of heroics, but I will make it through them, just you wait and see. For me it has raised the question of what have I missed out on? I loved the original EQ due to the involvement I had placed in my 1 character. I had a twink here and there, but I don’t think any of them ever made it over level 20. Krymoor was one and only high level character, and I loved how I had developed him. I was damn good at playing him too, often times guildies and group members were very comfortable with allowing me to be their only healer in the Planes, where others were afraid to tread without a full-plate healer. (perhaps I am the reason hybrid classes were given such a big role in EQ2 *bursts his own ego bubble before it gets too big*) Now I want to explore more options with characters. I want to see what other fun and challenging classes compliment or do not compliment each other. I am exploring dungeons that I have never been in before, or just breezed through as I was on my power level train headed for greatness. That was all I had known, all the “good” content had always been at the end. What a novel and grand idea to find great gaming experiences in the 10-20 level range.

Who knows perhaps I will start a wizard combo and attempt to play ping-pong with mobs.


~ by krymoor on April 1, 2008.

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