Nice little prank

Logged in for a little while today, to continue working on my new lil toons that I started. I was beginning to get worried about using a Mystic as a healer, I was having a really hard time tanking heroics even at my level. So boring some plat from Glebdra the Assassin the two adventurers set off to the broker to investigate what the tradeskillers of Qeynos had available. With new gear, my lil tank was up to the task, and Krymoor the Mystic was actually becoming a little bored with the lack of healing he was having to do anymore. Frogs, such fickle creatures.

Companion Chest

There was a little fun while the two were hunting around down in the Vermin’s Snye, in the spirit of April Fools.

The Companion Chests brought to mind something I have been tossing around in my head. It was original (o.k. I guess not that original, I had heard the same Companion effigy had made a cameo appereance in WoW) and welcomed. Why could more original, one of a kind things not be put into the game. So what if only one person had a dagger named “Snakes Fang”? I personally would not be opposed to someone having something that I do not, in fact it wouldnt even bother me that I wouldnt be able to attain it at all. The key to this idea though would be constant implementation into the game of new one of a kind, original items. They wouldnt even need to be gear with stats. Could be completely cosmetic, We do have an appearance tab now for our characters. The idea that I could hunt down original items, no matter if I would have one that someone else would be enough to get me out and searching nooks and crannies of old dungeons.


~ by krymoor on April 2, 2008.

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