Just for fun

I downloaded and logged onto Star Wars Galaxies…wow. I had not only pre-ordered the game, but it was the special edition in the big black box. I had played in the beta for the game, and was a little excited about the game actually going live.  I really enjoyed the game for the crafting, and the nastolgic factor.  Yet, perhaps it was only the galaxy I was playing in, but it seemed really deserted.  I played only for a total of 2 months, I believe. Now what this game has become is horrible.  I know it may not have been a very good game before, and I had heard that the new iteration of the game was really bad, yet the level this game had sunk to is unbelievable.

Hopefully my demo of Company of Heros will be done soon.  I have heard everyone raving about this game, and decided I would look into what all the noise is.

On a sadder note…R.I.P. GFW Magazine


~ by krymoor on April 10, 2008.

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