I had the fortune of having a group this weekend. Could of been that l am now Playing a guardian templar combo, I forsee alot ot grouping in my future. Yet this aspect is what really brings the MMO’s to a higher level in my opinion. With my assassin there was alot of waiting around for a group, which equated into alot of dying for me, because I would try to solo alot of things I really shouldnt have. Now there was still Some dieing involved in our group, it just did not yield the head-pounding frustration that Came from with the solo deaths. Aside from that, actually being able to talk and relate with someone other than an NPC, was great. I don’t understand wry so many people complain about the lade of solo content, In ny opinion the group Content is some of the greatest. Not for what you get out ot it, loot or exp, but simply the interact ion coith others. I am attempting to get others I know to play in game with me. I could only imagine what a great time could be had adventuring with close friends.


~ by krymoor on April 18, 2008.

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