Love playing with my frogs

My new toons, the guardian/templar combo, are steadily becoming my main characters.  I have enjoyed playing and still do enjoy the damage that my assassin can do, yet not having the lead roll in a group gets a little boring.  Working both the main tank, keeping agro, as well as healing from behind keeps me busy during play time.  Glebdra (assassin) feels more like a just wind her up and let her loose toy.  There is no real finesse to her tactics, no skill other than how to not take the agro from the tank.  She is good to just no brain it in a group. 

Speaking of groups, that is the other side of that coin.  It seems the groups she has found recently have had a no brainer for tanks.  When you have alot of firepower in a group, i.e. wizard, necro and assassin, there is no need to take 2-5 minute breaks in between pulls.  This leads to boredom on the part of anyone of said DPS classes and havoc will insue when they decide that they can tank just as well as our full plate tanks.  Please if any tanks read this, at any time you are in a heavy DPS group do everyone a favor, and turn the episode of Blossom off, concentrate on tanking.  If you require stimulus beyond what tanking can give you, turn a podcast on, thats what my ADD forces me to do. I could even recommend alot of good ones to listen to.

Krymoor’s Podcast List for a night of EQ2

1UP Yours

Uhh Yeah Dude

Virgin Worlds

GFW Radio

Game Theory

These are all great podcasts, and most of them are gaming related.  Check em out, and help those of us over anxious slightly impatient DPS classes enjoy their time running through group instances.

Well over the weekend my wife and I finally broke down and bought Rock Band.  What a great game.  We have started 2 bands, “Stir Fry Hooligans” myself on drums, and my wife on vocals.  Our other band is “pierCing” (contrived from our last name), I play guitar and she is on the drums.  Guitar Hero was a good game.  While I was overseas in Italy, a group of us would leave work head to someones apartment and play Guitar Hero it seems all night long.  I shudder to think what metal mayhem we could have unleashed upon the world if we were able to start a band as you can in Rock Band.  Not only is the multiplayer great, but the mechanics, allowing a band member to save others who may slip, is a subtle but very powerful part of the multiplayer.  With Guitar Hero I felt as if I could have as easily played the game with a normal game controller, there was no immersion for me.  Rock Band brings me into the game, I feel myself getting into the music, playing as if I really were on stage trying to make a name for myself and my band.  My wife looses it when going into a solo guitar section I lift my leg and plant my foot on the living room table as if it were a speaker on stage.  Highly recommend this game for anyone who loves music, and even if you dont…heck my wife loves to play just to watch me.


~ by krymoor on April 24, 2008.

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