What I am excited about.

I have very fond memories of playing FF VII with my best friend. We maxed out our characters, spending countless hours roaming around the main-land looking for the random encounters. The only boss we were not able to defeat was the Emerald Weapon. No matter how many different formations we tried, even with levels maxed the Emerald always seemed to get the best of us. When I heard that FF XIII is coming to the 360 I was so hyped! If there was any reason for me to buy a PS3 besides the God of War series Final Fantasy would be it. Now I am in no rush to buy the console.

Along the same vein I rented Lost Odyssey this weekend, and from the very beginning, I was taken back to playing FF VII. I rented it because I was unsure if I wanted to purchase the game. Now I am sure that renting it will not be an option. For one the game is freaking four discs long! There is no way I would be able to complete the game while renting it.

JRPG’s have not held my interest recently, I attempted Blue Dragon, again rented, but could not get a grip on it. Lost Odyssey looks to be the game that brings me back looking for all that is good in these games, and has me playing for hours and hours wandering around looking for random encounters.


~ by krymoor on August 4, 2008.

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