I fell for it.

I had been trying to get friends and family to play EQ2 with me.  My lovely wife, even attempted to play with me one night, but as with everyone else the overall dedication that is required to really enjoy the game was too much for her.  About 2 months ago, I had a friend approach me at work  and ask if I had ever heard of World of Warcraft…really? No, only 11 million subscribers, yet somehow this game had gone through my game radar.  Of course I had heard of the game, and actually had played a year to a year and a half ago.  All the reasons that everyone ends up being turned off by EQ2 are all the reasons that I am turned off of WoW and interested in EQ2.  I love the dedication that is required, and the feeling of accomplishment when you complete a quest series or even make a level.

Well unfortunately, I have not been playing EQ2 for the past 2 months, but instead playing WoW, just for the associations.  Everyone can get into this game it seems, I have even heard my wife whispering that she could play WoW alot easier than she could EQ2.  This is nothing bad against EQ2, I have made some good friends inside the game, yet these are not people that I talk to on the phone or around the “water-cooler” on monday.  The scary part is I have found myself enjoying myself.  Alot more than when I had played a  year and half ago.  I even find myself looking forward to the upcoming expansion.

Who knew


~ by krymoor on August 6, 2008.

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