Civilization Revolution

This was another game I rented over the weekend.  Good game.  It did not disappoint in regards to being a Civ game.  It is a solid Civ game, yet it left me wanting more.  I will call it Civ Lite, half the Civ calories leaves you not feeling guilty for gorging on all that Civ goodness.  I found the most enjoyable part, for me would have been getting more achievements through the game.  Wanting to go back and play through every culture in order to get more achievements was a big draw for me, and since you could complete a game in 3 hours it is really an incredible undertaking.  What I ended up doing though was re-loading Civ IV on the computer and playing until 4 in the morning and waking up in the morning and going right back to my glorious Zambacrombies Empire.  (Yes Zambacrombies is the name of my civilization….it comes from way back when a group of friends and I would get together and play Risk…long story). Revolution left me wanting just a little more meat to the game, especially since I had played the game before.  There were alot of tweaks and nuances that I wanted to adjust, but it just was not in the game.  For someone who has never played the game before, Im sure they will find it very appealing, because I did.  It was just a good appetizer, and I later went on to the main course.


~ by krymoor on August 11, 2008.

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