Not alot has been going on.

I have been engrossed in Civilization IV since I picked it up last weekend.  I have been having a blast with it, actually attempting to hammer down some different strategies, yet it always seems to come down to brute military strength. “my tanks are bigger than your tanks” Which in turn leads to other stategies because in later games any war would only lead to attrition.  The only way to have a decisive advantage would be to locate and control certain resources.  Yet on a large map it would be next to impossible to locate specific resources and either take them by expansion or force.  So end games come down to how many tanks you can push out the fastest or attempting to win by culture, space race, or diplomatic victory.  I never enjoy the end game of Civ IV as much as I enjoy the beginning and middle of the game.

Other than Civ IV not too much gaming has been going on.  I have really found a great stress relief in Rock Band.  I feel so much more relaxed after thrashing on the guitar to a hard song after work.  I have let my MMO accounts lapse for the time being.  I was going to wait and decide if I wanted to play Warhammer coming out next month instead of WoW, yet now am waiting for word back from on a volunteer position for a Game Correspondent.  I decided to apply for EQ2 because not matter what game I find or how long I spend away I love that game.  The depth, dedication and satisfaction that one receives in accomplishing even just leveling continue to draw me back.  Not to mention that it is a gorgeous game. I enjoy finding unexplored areas (well at least for me) and taking in the sights.  So in the MMO realm we will see what happens in the next couple weeks before I settle in again for some good ole EXP grinding.


~ by krymoor on August 19, 2008.

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