I guess im not totally game free

So I have been taking a small break from all gaming as a way to reconnect with my family after coming home from deployment. I guess I am not as game free as I had thought I would be. I found an app on facebook I believe due to some friends, Mafia Wars. This is a great little mini game. There are so many avenues to persue from simply leveling up through completing jobs, or fighting with other mafia bosses to accomplishing achievments having to do with milestones throughout the course of the game.  As of now I am lvl 41, and I am unsure if there is even a lvl cap to the game.  I know that I am not even halfway through the “Jobs” or quests for those who have played MMO’s in the past in the starting town of NYC, with moving to Cuba still to look forward to, and the ability to tackle all new “Jobs” and achievements.   From the looks of the game, the developers of the game are very active in adding new content, even if it is just new items for the week.  One of the more interesting facets of the game to be added as of late for me, has been the mini game of robbing other mafia bosses.  Right now it is still in Beta, but has been a great alternative for me to gain experience when my energy for Jobs has run out, and an awesome source of income.  That is the ultimate objective of any mob boss after all is it not.

As I said there are many avenues to persue, and alot of content to keep one hooked into this gem of a game on Facebook.  I highly recommend it to anyone.


~ by krymoor on August 11, 2009.

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