I am back and it feels oh so good

So I was taking a short hiatus from gaming upon my return from deployment to allow for me and the family to rebound before I ditched them once again for digital wonderlands. I’m just kidding I would never ditch them, perhaps neglect but never ditch. Actually my wife often compliments me on my gaming time or my self control over gaming time if you will.
Well I did not make it as long game free as I had originally planned to, but as I said my wife is happy I am still playing catch-up with my daughter and spending alot of time with her, but I am a gamer and gaming makes up an integral part of who I am.
I started out when I received an email from Turbine stating that there was going to be a free week of LOTRO for returning players. A few of the podcasts i listen to speak highly of LOTRO so I decided to take Turbine up on it’s offer and give the game another shot. I found myself not disappointed. I don’t know if it has been how long I have been away from online gaming and my desktop computer or if they have truly worked on the graphics of the game, but it was beautiful. Not to mention I was able to run the game with almost all the options for graphics turned up. Something I don’t remember being able to do when I originally played the game. I will admit that I am a bit of a graphics whore and love to see bright shiney graphics, but that is part of what makes this medium so great. I can remember sitting and playing FF VII with my best friend and the summons never getting old or tiresome and constantly looking forward to the next summon unlock.
So the game blew me away graphically and content wise sated a thirst I had not fully realized had been growing inside of me while playing games “unconnected” while on deployment. 75% of the reason I still play Halo 3 is because of the onlne aspect. It surely is not because I am any good or that I revel in domination in the gM’s be ause that clearly is not the case when looking at my kill to death ratio. I simply love the ability to interact with other people even while playing a game. Would FF VII have been nearly the game it was to me at the time or hold the place in my heart had my best friend and I not played that game in to the ground together. I wonder. Now I am not the type of person that has to have a group or else I am going to log off either. I will gladly go off on my own to explore exp grind and quest. The option is always there for me thought to find a group or simply to talk with others that share at least the same interest as me if not the same passion.
Now this post seems to have wandered away from me a bit, where I had meant simply to elaborate on what I was playing and what I thought of the game, it seems I sparked another subject in my own mind at least. So I will save the dislikes I have of the game for my next post, and also the reason that I haven’t subscribed to LOTRO or WOW (what I was playing before I left on deployment).


~ by krymoor on September 2, 2009.

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