I knew I wanted to love this game

So as I had mentioned in my last post, I had tried the welcome back trial to LOTRO and was pleasantly surprised by the game. In my opinion they took a page from World of Warcraft simplifying the game play mechanics giving people the ability to experience a healthy amount of game play without the sometimes inane amount of time that is required to experience a fraction of content in other games such as Everquest 2. This is what stops me from loving this game though. I have mentioned before how when I obtained my epic weapon in Everquest I felt as if I had REALLY accomplished something. It felt epic indeed, and by no means was mine one of the hardest to obtain. In that game mechanic though lay a crucial component to why that game holds such a dear place in my heart even to this day. We relied on each other to accomplish these epic quests. Yes there are many grand raids that occur in todays games, bit most of them are instanced never is there the risk of the mob falling to others or even despawning. This leads to what I refer to as plug and play groups or guilds. I would love to join Revelry and Honor in EQ2 because they sound to me much like the old guilds when members would stay I. The guild because the enjoyed who they games with more than they did the next big mob or fat lewts they were able to tackle. We all enjoyed playing online games and that is what took us forward into the higher zones of the game, not a desire to be better than others or to be the first on the server to cross a threshold. Our reliance on each other is what made us good though and gave us the ability to make those moves into higher zones.

So what has me so riveted now and drawn me away from LOTRO? Eve Online. This game has so much depth to it. As I have said before in other posts the depth of a game is what drives me back to it time and time again. I don’t want to feel that after only a few months of a games launch or expansion that I have seen all the game has to offer. I want to feel like I have accomplished something even when I reach max level. That in and of itself was a milestone in older games. Does that make me part masochistic? I sure hope not cause that would just give my wife the excuse she needs to break out the leather whip to use on me. Sometimes I feel that we have drifted away from the heart of a game. Challenge. The challenge of the game is what brings us to the game, instead of other media forms such as movies. I enjoy the aspect, the danger of loosing everything on my character. Overall I believe it will make me a better player. I want that challenge to test me and make the game interesting instead of merely being entertaining.


~ by krymoor on September 9, 2009.

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