iPhones – the start of something great for gaming.

I own an iPhone, I was not by far any of the ones that jumped on the iPhone when it first came out, I waited almost a full year after it launched before I got mine, unwilling at first to give up Verizon just to use the iPhone.  Eventually I made the switch, and have loved my phone ever since I bought it.  I consistently tell friends it is the best phone I have ever purchased/owned.  The ease of use is wonderful, yet with the ease of use, it does not lack on functionality.  Constantly with past phones it never lived up to being everything in one, the iPhone successfully in my eyes has accomplished this.  I can listen to music, watch movies (which I did ALOT of on deployment) receive emails, surf the web, and make phone calls!

Well I am in the Bay Area this weekend visiting my mom, and the wife and I took a trip into the City for a day together.  We took the BART into the city, so we wouldnt have to battle with traffic or parking, and its a great way to just spend time together.  On our return trip home, I noticed how many iPhones were on the train with us.  I counted at least 10 that I could see, and a strong possibility of many more that were in pockets simply playing music.  (simply playing music, ha!)  Of the 10 that I could see out, almost every one of them was playing a game on it.  The Age ranges of the owners of these iPhones was all over the board as well, no one demographic holding reign over the iPhone, male, female, it did not matter.  The games that everyone was playing was as varied as the owners.  Simple logic puzzles, Sudoku, to shooters on the touch screen.  It is amazing to me how one “platform”, which never aspired to do so, could bring so many together in gaming.  This is the start to understanding of what gaming is, what gaming does for others, those who find gaming so engaging and engrossing.  This is the way to understanding that like other mediums, gaming is not evil unto itself, it is not a corruptible force let loose upon an unsuspecting world.  Today was a great day to see so many engaging in my hobby, a hobby I love so much.


~ by krymoor on September 21, 2009.

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