O.k. I really need to get better at this.

So about 2 posts ago, I stated that I was playing Eve Online.  I had wanted to play this game from the first time I had played the trial, about 2 years ago.  Aside from gorgeous the game was set in space, and dealt with technology, which was a great refreshing divergence from all the high fantasy MMO’s I play.  I mean come on, I named myself after Skywalker back when I was 8, so one of my first loves will always be Science Fiction.  The longer I played the game though, I found it easier and easier to stay OUT of the game. One of best game mechanics in my opinion, the ability to train skills even while logged off, was the reason I was finding it easier to stay away.  I only needed to log on long enough to ensure that the correct skills were going to be trained.  There was no compelling reason to go out and “rat” in a system, the games version of grinding in the likes of other MMO’s in which you fly to arbitrary systems find where the games NPC’s, Pirates or “rats” are hiding and proceed to level galactic justice by means of lasers and missiles to collect bounty or scavenge from their ships what you may.   I have read of many grand dramas that have unfolded in the Eve universe due to the openness of the game. I am sure there is a richness and fullness to the game that others cannot hope to emulate even in “end game”, I was just unable to find it.  All that I have read and listened to through podcasts have told me, it is of utmost importance to find an alliance which you could join to show you the ropes, and introduce you to the fullness and richness.   I found that it was hard to find those alliances that will bring into their fold, and give you that experience.  Just yesterday I was reading on Virgin Worlds that there was a large well established Alliance that was disbanded due to either espionage or account hacking.  I am not sure what measures will be taken if it is found that an account was compromised , but if it was espionage,  CCP the games developers will do nothing.  This is completely within the games context and rules, one of the great concepts of the game, there really are no rules.  This is what leads to the difficulty of entering into an alliance though.  Alliances screen any applicants who apply to their alliance to make sure that they are not a mole or spy.  I was turned down from entry into  3 alliances before I found one that would allow me entrance into their numbers, and the one I did find was loosely organized, mostly friends who have a routine already established, with many more skills than I did (the games levels) which did not allow me to participate in much until I upped my skills more.  The game is as I said before a game I WANT to love, I want to enjoy this game, but could not forsee paying a monthly fee for a game that I was spending much more time out of game, skilling up than a game I could be in-game skilling up.

Needless to say I am back in WoW.  My friend from work has been busy while I was on deployment leveling up 2 characters to 80 one of them a Death Knight, and bringing more co-workers into our guild.  Without a doubt this game plays upon its greatest strength, ease of play and game mechanics.  There is not a huge mountain to overcome just in trying to learn how the game operates, but this is what Blizzard is great at and has always been good at.   Give people the carrot at the end of the stick, but instead of never giving it to them where they will tire out attempting to chase the same carrot over and over again, give them the carrot after a time, then put a larger carrot on the stick.  Shinnies are awesome, and that feeling of obtaining “Gold” is what always brings one back.  I plan on staying this time to level my Shaman up to 80 this time, mostly because our guild needs healers right now, and I would love to go with them to see “end game” content.

I am going to attempt to make this more of a routine for me, so this week I am going to write more about what I have been playing on the consoles.


~ by krymoor on November 1, 2009.

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