Way behind the power curve

I finally made level 60 this evening on WoW.  I was able to enjoy Burning Crusade content for the first time 2 nights ago, and absolutely loved it. The artwork for Outlands is amazing, and it feels vast.  It feels like it is in another dimension, and I have definitely left Azeroth.  There are so many dungeons, raids, and quests I have not taken part in on the “Old World” content.  This is a little depressing in a way, because I am still constantly trudging along in order to reach level 80 where I have friends and co-workers waiting on me and my healing power and I may never see this content.  That is until I come back through with an Alt.

I have not been playing much on the consoles due to 2 factors.  We have so many shows to watch on our DVR if the TV is on, we are trying to catch up on all the shows that have recorded recently.  The other reason is I pay for my subscription for WoW and do not have the time that I did once for gaming.  This leads me to devote the time that I have towards WoW due to the money that I am paying.  There are so many good games out there right now that I want to play, Borderlands, Dragon Age, and the one that I know I am going to have to make time for is the re-release of God of War and II.  God of War II was the game that ALMOST made go repurchase a PS2 again, because I was slow on the PS3 train, making mine non-backwards compatible.  I will never understand why any console company would make their leading console unable to play prior games.


~ by krymoor on November 12, 2009.

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