Returning to games make you sad?

The question was asked does returning to old games make you sad. I don’t feel that it makes me sad, but definitely gives me a gloomy nostalgic feeling. I feel this the most with EQ2 because of the huge EQ player I was. The game can improve upon every game mechanic there is to improve upon, but it will never be a better game. For me there will be no better gaming experience than that which I had within the confines of EQ. What made it so great were the people. We were a non-hardcore/hardcore guild that loved the challenge of bringing this group of friends into the upper echelons. We enjoyed the failures as much as we did the accomplishments. The most important part was we enjoyed each other. The question can be asked, well if you were to find another group such as that wouldn’t you be able to enjoy the game just as much? I don’t think so. That was my first MMO and it held for me all the mystique and wonder which has disapeared from today’s games because we HAVE been there before. I still enjoy the time I spend in games today but it will never have the sense of discovery that my first MMO did. I am not sad when I go back to older games. I simply look upon them fondly like old friends or family members that have passed on. I loved the time we had, and I cherish the memories is what I focus on instead of a feeling of loss.


~ by krymoor on December 30, 2009.

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