Same ole’ Same ole’

It has been an interesting time with the new LFG function in WoW.  My reaction and emotions over the new component have ranged the spectrum, from loving it to hating it, and everything in between.  When I first logged in to test it, I was blown away by how responsive it was.  I was almost immediately grouped up in an instance that was of level or just above my level, that made it challenging and rewarding at the same time.  As time went on, and I was continuing to use the LFG (I wont lie, because I wanted the achievements that go along with the LFG component, but more on that later) and became increasingly miffed with it.  My first inkling of disappointment with the new function was, how much I felt as if I was back in Guild Wars.  I had no reason to quest anymore.  I had no reason to explore any of the content previously introduced into the game.  My sole purpose was to advance and level as fast as I could to get myself within reach of the “end-game” content.  This made me sad because there is so much content that I would never experience with this character, who I forsee will be my main due to my guild needing the healing power. It made me upset, because this was not the game I had paid for, or continue to pay for.  If I wanted to play Guild Wars I would go over and play Guild Wars for FREE! I slowly got over that reaction after I realized that the rest of the game was there, accessible to any who would take the time to appreciate what the game developers  had cared to put into the game that we all love so much.  The virtual equivalent of “stopping to smell the roses” if you will.   There is nothing in the game that dictates we must hurry through the content presented to us.  I feel it a little more than others, and I’m sure others feel it just as I do, because this is my first max level character (and it will BE my first max level character).  Once again, it comes back to what it seems we always eventually deal with in MMO’s, it is just a game.  Others say during these times, they like to take a vacation from the game, to re-center themselves on real life, reconnect with other games, or just read a book.  I do not devote the mass amount of time to the game as I used to, so my reconnection is not needed as much as other, or it may have been in the past.  Instead I find myself looking to enjoy the game for what it was presented to us originally.  the only difference between then and now is associates to share in the exploration with me.  This is where LFG comes in great service.  WoW has always been a playground for those who choose to play a solo game inside of a multiplayer game, yet there were rewards and advances to those who would join with other players to accomplish grander tasks.  The only wish I would have would be to somehow include the LFG into smaller groups that would allow you to accomplish quests in zones that would require a 3 man group or 2 man group to accomplish, instead of just heading off into an instance.  I have been forced to ask guildies to finish group tasks, who are higher level than me, but this always seems to cheapen the experience for me. I want to have the trial and tribulation that everyone else has had to endure. I still use the LFG component, presently hunting down my Tidefury gear.

Tonight though I experienced an unpleasant side effect of the LFG that everyone from the beginning was very scared of.  Bad groups.  I was plagued with them tonight.  Out of 5, only 1 was successful.  I understand that there are those out there who do not take the time to learn the game as others do, or even have the want to, yet there are simple facts that alot of people seem to miss out on. Take just a little bit of time to ensure that the group will be a success will save you ALOT of time.  Everyone tonight was screaming about “I just want to make level”.  Yet, time after time, the group would fail and once again we were disbanded by people becoming frustrated only to return to the LFG function.  Especially for DPS evidently, this equates to a lengthy wait for a new group, or in my case a couple of times the same group again, because we were all looking for a group at the same time.  Take the time to slow down a little bit, and Tanks, not go rushing into the frey.  Support casters take the time to buff everyone in the group.  Why do I the healer have to ask time and time again for the buffs that contribute to my mana pool?  Why when we have a tank designated for us, do others insist on acting as the Tank, but not taking the responsibility to BE the Tank?  DPS who insist on throwing everything they have at every encounter inside of the instance that they can’t help but pull the agro from the Tank, and then bitch at me for not healing them and letting them die.  The list goes on and on.  Perhaps I have been sheltered in the guilds and groups I have been associated with, by never really having to deal with such tom-foolery.  I don’t ask you to learn every class in the game or the associated skills they use, simply to concentrate on yours and how you can benefit those around you.  That is the heart of the group anyway.  Not how the group can help you get to where you want to be, but simply what you can do to better the group to accomplish its goal at the time.


~ by krymoor on January 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Same ole’ Same ole’”

  1. I just came across your site and like you, I have recently cancelled my wow subscription.

    I did have 4 x level 80’s and too be honest I feel that I have done all I can in wow and I got bored… I was bored of the levelling of new chars as i’ve been there, done that.

    The LFG as you quite rightly state is a really good tool for finding dungeons real quick but the downside is most definately the bad groups. Having a bad group isn’t so bad, we’ve all been there and had to learn so when you group up with people with lesser experience I always felt it best to guide them and try to help. What happens, 2 others call noob and leave the group so you are left looking for more.

    The other down side I found was that people would need for anything in the hope to make a few gold and when that cloth item I’ve been after for 2 weeks finally drops a pally needs it, wins then leaves the group and goes back to his server. This is where Blizzard fail big time, they should have incorporated some kind of filtering system into the loot and class specific loot.

    Another problem with it I felt (as a GM) was that guild members just went off and did their own thing and putting emblem runs together was very difficult.

    Yes it has made levelling easier which is another down point in respect of game value. Hell we can all run the same instance 100’s of time but where is the excitement in that. Also, the starting areas have now changed and Blizzard have made levelling too easy in my opinion, especially with the BOA gear you can now get if you have an 80. Getting my char to level 10 was awesome, now you can do it in 30 minutes.

    I do hope that you will find the time to get a maxed char as once you are there the games does open up into something completely different but for me, I’m done with WoW. I’m gonna miss my sexy female Belf Mage thats for sure and my first 80 – Hunter but everyone has to move on at some time I guess.

    • I do appreciate it!
      I know what you mean about having done what you can in WoW and feeling bored, even though I do not have a maxed lvl character yet, there are plenty in my guild who all have numerous lvl 80’s. Its one of those games, that not only makes it easy to have multiple alts, but the first I have played that will reward you as well for having the alts.
      I agree there are times to move on, I unfortunately do not see any MMO’s on the horizon that capture my interest, or that any of the friends in WoW will transition to, so more than likely I will be back in Wow eventually.

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