How do they do it???

I have recently found myself in awe of the writers, podcaster’s, and game aficionados (as I prefer to think of ourselves) that have so much time to devote to this wonderful hobby we share.  Where do they find the time to not only play all the games that are coming out right now, because we seemed to be bombarded by so many great games right now, but also to podcast or write about it all.  I recently suspended my WoW account simply because I wanted to enjoy other things that were out there.  I still have the itch to play the game, I want to finally have a max level character in that game, but simply want to play other games right now.  My consoles have been laying idle while I have been playing on the PC, only to be used by my daughter watching Elmo’s World.  How do they do it?

My pile of shame is growing with alarming alacrity, and it has nothing to do with losing interest in the game of choice.  It is simply time.

So I have been playing Mass Effect 2 recently, and enjoying it very much.  They have trimmed a lot of the fat from this iteration of the game, leaving a little less of the RPG aspect to the game, but bringing in more of the shooter feel.  While I do not have much love for shooters outside of Halo 3 or Unreal Tournament, it definitely has lent a new dynamic to the game, that I wasnt even aware that I was missing.  I found myself in the original game blindly shooting, allowing my “stats” and abilities to supply the necessary accuracy needed to eliminate the enemies.  It adds a welcome challenge to the game.  At first I felt that the slimmed down ability trees would detract from my enjoyment of the game, because I love depth in my games.  I have not found myself wishing there was more yet though.  Often times in the original game, I found myself bogged down with too many choices and options.  Here I feel very well balanced.  The abilities I have,  give my Shepherd a feeling of power, and a variety where they do not become too overused.  It had been a while since I played the original game, and I find myself lost at times, trying to remember who characters that approach me in-game are, after almost 2 years since I had played ME1.  That has really been my only drawback  to the game.  Hopefully this does not become another added to the pile of shame.

I have been listening to  Shut Up We’re Talking, and it has become my favorite gaming podcast.  I really enjoy how they are very knowledgable of gaming and speak from a “gamers” perspective.  Yes the guys over at 1up are gamers, but have so much industry insight that I find myself zoning out at times, or not having as much knowledge as those who have spent countless more hours than myself.   They incorporate interesting topics, and fun guests making it a joy to listen to all the way through.  They brought up a topic on searching for games that have sticking power and how they don’t seem to hold us gamers like the used to that I want to try writing about next time.

In the mean time back to some ME2


~ by krymoor on February 21, 2010.

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