Fantasy MMO’s and saving the entirety of existance.

Originally I was going to post about the episode of “Shut Up Were Talking” in which the crew discussed whether a fantasy MMO would ever be able to become mainstream or “triple A” again.  I was going to discuss the relevance of how MMO’s are never like the very first we played.  Then today as I was driving home I was listening to one of my other podcasts, “Gamers With Jobs“, where they were talking about a post on their website in which the writer had finished ME2 and become weary of the Grand/Epic story in which your character saves all of existence.  I can understand a desire to have a more intellectual, cerebral experience in our games.  One in which we come to have a connection with our characters, and the supporting characters  in the game, not because of the time spent developing her gear or skills, but because we have on some emotional level made an investment with our character.  In many ways that was the reason most of us fell in love with MMO’s, because we confused time spent leveling a character, grinding out to the next carrot held on a stick in the form of shiny purple armor, as an emotional investment.  Could you imagine the MMO that actually had a story line/game play that allowed us to make actual morale decisions which affected our characters impact on the game world.  Little cherub MMO cupid would come strike us all in the heart once more, and give us the “stickiness” that we all seemed to have with our favored MMO’s.

That being said, while we hold out hope that the game which will give us all a calm ooey gooey center again, happy with our digital wonderlands once again, instead of looking for the next big thing on the horizon, let us not forget why we game.  We want to be that super hero who saves the whole of existance.  Larger than we are in our everyday comings and goings.  Much as movies who have large explosions, and a muscle-bound, witty, hand cannon carrying numb-skull, with a buxom blonde on his arm give us a sense of adventure, so do these games.  Let us enjoy them for what they are, and perhaps not take them so seriously.  I personally would not want to have a game that was too serious.  Much as I do not enjoy watching the news, because it is too heavy to deal with, I would not want to spend my past-time in a similar world, even though it be make-believe.


~ by krymoor on February 25, 2010.

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