The things we do for games…

I sit here in an internet cafe, fighting to stay online long enough to finish a quest in WoW, constantly battling disconnection and death due to them.  Growing ever more aggravated with the lack of WiFi stability, I finally log off for the night, and consider what I used to do in order to log onto a game.  I can remember hearing the whirs, bleats, clicks and beeps of the modem as it fired up connecting to our ISP to play EQ.  The times where I could just not log on due to lines being busy or when I was able to connect my computer online the data transfer was not large enough or stable enough to even launch the game.  I used to scream at the “you have been disconnected” window, as it logged me out in the middle of an “Inny” fight.

Oh boy when I upgraded to DSL I was golden! I was still playing EQ at the time, and I can assure you that life was grand.

So now here I sit with a cable internet connection, granted not a dedicated connection for myself, or one that has particularly high bandwidth, or even a router that is configured correctly to allow Blizzard in all its might the thoroughfare required to enjoy WoW, and I reminisce  of day gone by, when I longed for the oh-not-so distant future in which we would be connected at lightning fast speeds and completely stable connections.

Suddenly my connection issues this evening do not feel so big anymore.


~ by krymoor on July 8, 2010.

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