Behind the curve…but oh well.

I had used to think my self on the cutting edge of gaming. I would anticipate a games release, often times trolling through the local Gamestop, or Best Buy  multiple times through a week awaiting the arrival of the fresh game.  I have not set foot inside of a Best Buy or Gamestop in over 6 months.  Most of this is due to my, again late, utilization of Steam.  As of this writing I have not looked at Kotaku or any other gaming related news in over 2 weeks.  I just don’t seem to have the time to stand right at the forefront of gaming newness. Perhaps it is simply maturity, but I am not finding it as much as a loss as I would have at one time.

I am currently experiencing Wrath of the Lich King content in WoW for the very first time. The beauty of the landscape and the soundtrack that accompanies it, have me constantly coming close to death due to stopping what I am supposed to be doing (protecting myself from that overly aggressive grizzly bear gnawing on my arm) and simply sight-seeing what the designers of the game have engineered for us.

This got me to thinking of the way in which we consume games now.  I was brought up owning maybe one game a year to play on my Nintendo or Atari, even later on into life as I made my own money, owned my own gaming consoles, I partook of gaming in a moderate fashion, spending the time to finish a game or at least sink in numerous hours before moving onto another game.  That is until I started playing MMO’s.  I feel the nature and spirit of those games have leaked over into the gaming world in general.  Constantly striving for the next conquest, next boss to down, anticipating the next expansion with all its content to explore and again conquer.  Not to mention the “down” time in between expansions in which you looked to other games to occupy your time.  I would start playing games for only a number of hours to move onto the next game as the game did not have the depth and richness that an MMO has to completely sate my appetite.  So  I would move onto another game in the hopes that I would find the fullness that I gain from MMOs.  I went from having one game a year to 20+ games a year.

These days my priorities have shifted to my family and career, where I don’t always find the time even for my MMOs, but I am finding that my appreciation of my games has increased.  I still buy and play a number of games a year, but I find myself spending more time in them playing them either through or just devoting more time to them to try to experience what the designers have given to us.


~ by krymoor on July 18, 2010.

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