Just enjoying things

So I have steadily been advancing my character in WoW. He is now lvl 77 and oh so close to being maxed lvl. I have made a goal for myself to be maxed level before I leave as I am unsure if I will be able to play once I am out of the States. I am really having a good time with it though. I have been trying to do at least a random a night in order to accrue emblems for my eventual ability to wear Tier Gear. Perhaps because I am of closer level to others I play the game with and they are not having to drop everything they were doing in order to help me in my endeavors or I am simply playing with a more relaxed attitude and even the PUGS I find, enjoy the time spent with them. I have heard from many countless people such as the podcast “The Instance” or back when I listened to the “Drone Bay” while playing Eve, that it is the people you play with and finding a good group of people to play with makes a game experience completely different. That is the reason most of us play MMOs in the first place vice playing stand alone roleplaying games. I just find that the community in general is great to play with in WoW, as opposed to the other games in the past. I have had the great experience of being in a guild, but do not have the time to devote to any game that I did in the past so making connections with others in a guild has been very difficult if not near impossible.
I write about this simply because many of my other writings have found me musing about the longing for complex and deep games, yet I put forth that you would not have the depth of community, or the ability to fall in with others who are willing to allow you to grow at your own pace if the game was as in depth as those games of old.
I have also picked up a game for my iPad which I had originally played on the computer via Steam, and had liked it there, but fell in love with it on the iPad. Osmos is what I downloaded, and it is available for the iPhone/iTouch as well. This is a very relaxing chill game with the, smooth calm soundtrack that accompanies gameplay. I sat this past Saturday awaiting an upcoming UFC fight playing the game while a friend looked over my shoulder watching as my little blue nuclei grew with every absorption of lesser nuclei, totally getting into the game with me. So much so he went and purchased it for his iTouch.
It’s this new mood of gaming I have transitioned into that I am absolutely astounded by. The ability to sit back and to relax with pout having to stress over what’s next or what I could be doing in said game, and really really enjoying my gaming experience.


~ by krymoor on August 9, 2010.

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