How far we have come

I remember purchasing my first cell phone. I was so thrilled by the idea of being in connected from “land lines” that I would call people as a prank when they were with-in touching distance. I would call the “land line” or their cell phone only to laugh at them as they realized it was only me calling. The novelty took a while to wear off me, having something to do with the subsequent bill that I received, and i am sure all my friends wearied of it long before I did. I thought of this today in my musings of how complicated life can seem to get. By no means am I implying that technology has complicated my life or made it any less enjoyable. I am a self admitted “techy”, I love new shiny things that whir, beep and twerp. I simply wonder at the innocence of a simple prank facilitated by the unwired format of the cell phone. It served the same purpose, it even had the resemblance of the same form as a wired phone, but simply allowing the freedom to roam anywhere with the phone gave me a thrill beyond measure. Perhaps I will go stand next to my wife when I get home, call her as I carry on a conversation of how our day was, to simply play a prank on her.


~ by krymoor on July 12, 2011.

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