This being my only blog I figured it would be as good a place as any to write just my musings even though this is totally unrelated to the rest of the blog. My grandfather passed away yesterday. I felt the urge and desire to write about this man I have come to respect, adore and admire. He was the only constant male role-model I have known through out my life. I have so many fond memories of my grandfather, the times my brother and sister would spend at my grandparents house, along with our cousins. It was always a joy to go to grandma and grandpas. I never truly realized all that my grandfather did for all of us as we grew up, but in the recent years began to deeply appreciate the myriad of things he would teach me just simply being the man he was. I remember the day my grandfather gave me the nudge I needed to take my first steps out into the world on my own. I would join the Navy in his and my Uncle’s footsteps, only later coming to know that he was helping me into growing as a man, never to belittle me or scold me for what I was doing as a young man. To my grandfather a man who constantly had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on face, I love you. To my grandfather who glowed with godly love I thank you. To my grandfather who I will forever attempt to emulate, I wish I could have told you how special you were to me.

Papa, you are back with the love of your life, happier and healthier than ever. We love you


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